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Best 50 Marvin The Martian Quotes

Best 50 Marvin The Martian Quotes

1. “You have sealed your fate! I’m going to project you forward into time where you will be a useful but harmless slave to me.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

2. “I do so enjoy observing the flora and fauna of that tiny planet.” ‒ Marvin The Martian

3. “Nevertheless, no Earth creature is going to contaminate my atmosphere.” ‒ Marvin The Martian

4. “If you inquire me for the directions, I will tell them to you.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

5. “Flux to blow Mars into subatomic space dust make me very angry.” ‒ Marvin The Martian,

6.“Earthling, do you feel fortunate?” – Marvin The Martian

7. “Oh, I’m going to blow it up. It obstructs my view of Venus.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

8. “I’m just about to solve the Earth’s fuel problem. I’m going to blow it up!” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

best marvin the martian quotes

9. “You make me very angry, very angry.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

10. “He looks so tranquil and peaceful.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

11. “Oh, the Earth will be gone in just a few seconds.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

12. “In case you do not like the Facebook postings of mine, then do not look. The page is mine and the Internet bill is paid by me only.” – Marvin The Martian

13. “Oh, goodie! My Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

marvin the martian quotes modulator

14. “A mission? I’m all for a-tingle!” – Marvin The Martian

15. “Something helps to inform me that it was better for me to stand in bed.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

16. “You cannot call me a skirt, jack-ass.” – Marvin The Martian

17. “However, there is no creature from the earth who will be polluting my environment.” – Marvin The Martian

18. “Oh, drat these computers. They’re so naughty and so complex. I could pinch them.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

19. “Oh, how dandy.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

20. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, your airness, but if you don’t find a fifth player, your team will forfeit the game.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

21. “Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!” – Marvin The Martian

22. “Being disintegrated makes me very angry! Very angry indeed!” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

23. “You’re on Mars, isn’t that lovely?” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

24. “Well, back to the old electronic brain.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

25. “I’m not angry. Just terribly, terribly hurt.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

marvin the martian quotes you make me very angry

26. “K-9, prepare the Illudium Q-38 dimension disintegrator.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

27. “Brace yourself for immediate disintegration.” ‒ Marvin The Martian

28. “Oh, dear. Now I suppose I will have to use force.” – Marvin The Martian

29. “ I think man is the most interesting insect on Earth. Don’t you? There is a growing tendency to think of man as a rational thinking being, which is absurd.” ‒ Marvin The Martian

30. “Very curious… Very interesting.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

31. “Oh dear, I got the silly thing in reverse. He’s turned into a Neanderthal rabbit.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

32. “That creature has stolen the space modulator.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

marvin the martian quotes space modulator

33. “Oh, Mutiny makes me so angry!” ‒ Marvin The Martian, ‘The Hasty Hare’.

34.“Go to that mischievous corner!” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

35. “Please, sir. Do not interrupt my chain of thought. I’m a busy Martian.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

36. “Isn’t that a nice assignment? Hmm.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

37. “I claim this planet in the name of Mars. Isn’t that lovely?” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

38. “Oh, goody!” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

39. “Oh my God, what a terrible night for me! I am never going to blend carrot juice and radish juice again.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

40. “That wasn’t a bit nice!” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

41. “Oh dear, now I shall suppose I have to use force.” ‒ Marvin The Martian.

42. “I require some more sleep coffee.” – Marvin The Martian

43. “How simply I have been capable of capturing one more creature of the earth.” – Marvin The Martian

44. “Eat and drink to your fullest and be Martian!” – Marvin The Martian

45. “I am getting frustrated with my classes for anger management.” – Marvin The Martian

46. “I will surely head back to my beloved planet, the Earth.” – Marvin The Martian

47. “You have made me extremely annoyed!” – Marvin The Martian

48. “For what reason has he become so deadly?” – Marvin The Martian

49. “I am about to blow up the earth because it is obstructing my view of Venus.” – Marvin The Martian

marvin the martian quotes greetings earthlings

50. “No, I have got the ability to speak as many as 3 languages in a fluent manner. Those happen to be English, Martian, and Sarcasm.” – Marvin The Martian

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