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Best10 Retarded Quotes

Best 10 Retarded Quotes

1. “The wider you spread your fingers apart while clapping is equal to the amount of retarded you look while clapping.” ― Christy Leigh Stewart

retarded movie quotes

2. “Don’t be retarded; excellence is “status quo discarded”. Look ahead and don’t see the little things you do now as the final products to ever stand out of your personal actions!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

3. “People who fell in love at first sight, rushed home to their parents to tell them the good news and subsequently married were, [Patricia Highsmith] thought, retarded. Rather, a more honest appraisal of the nature of love positions it nearer to the horrors of mental illness. How else could you explain the fact that so many people were prepared to sacrifice the safety and cosiness of their lives for the thrill of a new romance?” ― Andrew Wilson

4. “Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear, Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear. So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows As yonder lady o’er her fellows shows. The measure done, I’ll watch her place of stand, And, touching hers, make blessèd my rude hand. Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” ― William Shakespeare

5. “I tried to help you turn the page by burning it, but you fucking kept sniffing the ashes!” ― Ahmed Mostafa

I tried to help you turn the page by burning it, but you fucking kept sniffing the ashes

6. “If you call yourself an “authoress” on your Facebook profile, you suck at life. You are stupid and your children are ugly. It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to be cute and original. You’re not. You are about as original as all those other witless twits “writing” the one millionth shitty Fifty Shades clone. Or maybe you’re trying to show your 2000 fake Facebook “friends” that you are an empowered feminist who will not stand for sexist terminology. But you’re not showing people that you are fighting the good fight, you’re showing people that you are a sheep, who’s trying just a little too hard to ride the current wave of idiotic political correctness. The word “author” is no more gender-discrimination than the word “person.” Do you call yourself a personess? No, of course not, because then you might as well wear a sign around your neck that says, “Hello, I’m a retard.” ― Oliver Markus

7. “In the natural sciences, some checks exist on the prolonged acceptance of nutty ideas, which do not hold up well under experimental and observational tests and cannot readily be shown to give rise to useful working technologies. But in economics and the other social studies, nutty ideas may hang around for centuries. Today, leading presidential candidates and tens of millions of voters in the USA embrace ideas that might have been drawn from a 17th-century book on the theory and practice of mercantilism, and multitudes of politicians and ordinary people espouse notions that Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and others exploded more than two centuries ago. In these realms, nearly everyone simply believes whatever he feels good about believing.” ― Robert Higgs

8. “Being socially retarded is like being mentally retarded, it arouses in others disgust and pity and the desire to torment and reform.” ― Margaret Atwood, Surfacing

Being socially retarded is like being mentally retarded, it arouses in others disgust and pity and the desire to torment and reform

9. “I’ve noticed that you are retarded, Dr. Phil.” ― Christy Leigh Stewart

“I’ve noticed that you are retarded, Dr. Phil

10. “Being retarded in school is how long term sucess works.” ― Deyth Banger

Being retarded in school is how long term sucess works



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