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50 The Untethered Soul Quotes

The Untethered Soul Quotes are some of the most insightful quotes that have ever been spoken. Author Michael A. Singer has written a new book that shares some of his favorite quotes. The author shares these insights in hopes that they will help the reader find new meaning in their own life. Enjoy!

1. “The highest spiritual path is life itself. If you know how to live daily life, it all becomes a deliberating experience.” – Michael A. Singer

2. “There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it.” – Michael A. Singer

3. “No solution can possibly exist while you’re lost in the energy of a problem.” – Michael A. Singer

4. “Your inner growth is completely dependent upon the realization that the only way to find peace and contentment is to stop thinking about yourself.” – Michael A. Singer

5. “No matter what happens below you, just turn your eyes upward and relax your heart. You do not have to leave the seat of Self in order to deal with the darkness.” – Michael A. Singer

6. “If you’re willing to be objective and watch all your thoughts, you’ll see that the vast majority of them have no relevance. They have no effect on anything or anybody, except you. They are simply making you feel better or worse about what is going on now, what has gone on in the past, or what might go on in the future.” – Michael A. Singer

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7. “Most people just go from day to day protecting themselves and making sure nothing goes too wrong.” – Michael A. Singer

8. “Problems are generally not what they appear to be. When you get clear enough, you will realize that the real problem is that there is something inside of you that can have a problem with everything.” – Michael A. Singer

9. “You will not be able to solve anything outside until you own how the situation affects you inside.” – Michael A. Singer

10. “The more you are willing to just let the world be something you’re aware of, the more it will let you be who you are – the awareness, the self, the Atman, the Soul.” – Michael A. Singer

11. “So there are two ways you can live: you can devote your life to staying in your comfort zone, or you can work on your freedom.” – Michael A. Singer

12. “The alternative is to decide not to fight with life. You realize and accept that life is not under your control. Life is continuously changing, and if you’re trying to control it, you’ll never be able to fully live it. Instead of living life, you’ll be afraid of it.” – Michael A. Singer

13. “You are a great being who has been given a tremendous opportunity to explore beyond yourself. The whole process is very exciting, and you will have good times and bad times. All sorts of things will happen. That’s the fun of the journey.” – Michael A. Singer

14. “The spiritual journey is one of constant transformation. In order to grow, you must give up the struggle to remain the same, and learn to embrace change at all times.” – Michael A. Singer

15. “One of the most important areas requiring change is how we solve our personal problems. We normally attempt to solve our inner disturbances by protecting ourselves. Real transformation begins when you embrace your problems as agents of growth.” – Michael A. Singer

16. “How do you free yourself? In the deepest sense, you free yourself by finding yourself. You are not the pain you feel, nor are you the part that periodically stresses out. None of these disturbances have anything to do with you. You are the one who notices these things.” – Michael A. Singer

17. “You are capable of ceasing the absurdity of listening to the perpetual problems of your psyche. You can put an end to it. You can wake up in the morning, look forward to the day, and not worry about what will happen. Your daily life can be a vacation. Work can be fun, a family can be fun, you can just enjoy it all.” – Michael A. Singer

The Untethered Soul The Journey Beyond Yourself Quotes

Many people are on a quest to find themselves. They are looking for some hidden truth about who they are, some part of the self that is waiting to be discovered. But how can you find yourself when your sense of self is always changing?
When we say that our personality changes, what does this actually mean?
It means that every time we have a new experience, we have an altered perception of ourselves. We adapt and change our personalities accordingly.

There is one thing in life that you can be certain will happen; your death. The thought of death may make some people uncomfortable, but these people are not living their lives fully. With this newfound knowledge, many shape their future journeys around the idea of living every day like it could be their last. Some people take on new hobbies, socialize with friends they may have neglected in the past, or just do things that they always wanted to try but never had the opportunity.

The Untethered Soul The Journey Beyond Yourself Quotes

18. “Just relieve your mind of the job of making sure that everyone and everything will be the way you need them to be so that you can feel better inside.” – Michael A. Singer

19. “Everything will be okay as soon as you are okay with everything. And that’s the only time everything will be okay.” – Michael A. Singer

20. “The minute you stop putting your whole heart and soul into the mind as if it were your savior and protector, you will find yourself behind the mind watching it. That’s how you know about your thoughts: you are in there watching them. Eventually, you will be able to just sit in there quietly, and consciously watch the mind.” – Michael A. Singer

21. “One of the essential requirements for true spiritual growth and deep personal transformation is coming to peace with pain.” – Michael A. Singer

22. “In truth, pain is the price of freedom. And the moment you are willing to pay that price, you will no longer be afraid. The moment you are not afraid of the pain, you’ll be able to face all of life’s situations without fear.” – Michael A. Singer

23. “Spirituality is the commitment to go beyond, no matter what it takes. It’s an infinite journey based upon going beyond yourself every minute of every day for the rest of your life. If you’re truly going beyond, you are always at your limits.” – Michael A. Singer

24. “Consciousness is the highest word you will ever utter. There is nothing higher or deeper than consciousness.” – Michael A. Singer

25. “Billions of things could happen that you haven’t even thought of yet. The question is not whether they will happen. Things are going to happen. The real question is whether you want to be happy regardless of what happens.” – Michael A. Singer

26. “Stress only happens when you resist life’s events. If you’re neither pushing life away, nor pulling toward you, then you are not creating any resistance. You are simply present. In this state, you are just witnessing and experiencing the events of life taking place. If you choose to live this way, you will see that life can be lived in a state of peace.” – Michael A. Singer

27. “Fortunately, deep within us, there is a direct connection to the Divine. There is a part of our being that is beyond the personal self. You can consciously choose to identify with that part, rather than with the psyche or the body. When you do this, a natural transformation begins to take place within.” – Michael A. Singer

28. “As you let go and willingly release the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of your being, Spirit becomes your state.” – Michael A. Singer

29. “God’s nature is eternal, conscious bliss. No matter what you’ve done, you’re not going to be the one thing that ruins it.” – Michael A. Singer

30. “If you truly love someone, your love sees past their humanness.” – Michael A. Singer

31. “Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.” – Michael A. Singer

32. “When a problem is disturbing you, don’t ask, “What should I do about it?” Ask, “What part of me is being disturbed by this?” – Michael A. Singer

Inspirational The Untethered Soul Quotes

As we grow older and move through life, we often find that it is difficult to keep our minds and spirits untethered. It’s not uncommon to find moments where we lose hope in the future, or when we start feeling lonely in a crowd. These are the times when inspirational quotes can have a profound impact on how you feel about your life. In this article, I will discuss some of my favorite quotes from Untethered Soul, a book by Michael A.

Inspirational The Untethered Soul Quotes

33. “Do not let anything that happens in life be important enough that you’re willing to close your heart over it.” – Michael A. Singer

34. “If you decide that you’re going to be happy from now on for the rest of your life, you will not only be happy, you will become enlightened. Unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is.This is truly a spiritual path, and it as direct and sure a path to Awakening as could possibly exist.” – Michael A. Singer

35. “You don’t fight the mind. In fact, you don’t even try to change it. You just make a game out of relaxing in the face of its melodrama.” – Michael A. Singer

36. “You’re floating in empty space in a universe that goes on forever. If you have to be here, at least be happy and enjoy the experience.” – Michael A. Singer

37. “Look at this thing. It’s ruining my life. I’m trying to live a peaceful, meaningful existence, but I feel like I’m sitting on top of a volcano. At any moment this thing can decide to freak, close down, and fight with what’s happening.” – Michael A. Singer

38. “Ultimately, if you protect yourself perfectly, you will never grow.” – Michael A. Singer

39. “To attain true inner freedom, you must be able to objectively watch your problems instead of being lost in them.” – Michael A. Singer

40. “Reality is just too real for most of us, so we temper it with the mind.” – Michael A. Singer

41. “In the end, if you stay happy, you win.” – Michael A. Singer

42. “Do not doubt your ability to remove the root cause of the disturbance inside of you. It really can go away.” – Michael A. Singer

43. “Extremes are good teachers. When you examine the extremes, it’s easy to see the effects of imbalanced behavior patterns.” – Michael A. Singer

44. “We are constantly trying to hold it all together. If you really want to see why you do things, then don’t do them and see what happens.” – Michael A. Singer

45. “There is no reason to constantly attempt to figure everything out” – Michael A. Singer

46. “True personal growth is about transcending the part of you that is not okay and needs protection.” – Michael A. Singer

47. “If you spend your time hoping that it doesn’t rain tomorrow, you are wasting your time; Your thoughts don’t change the rain.” – Michael A. Singer

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48. “If experience is the best teacher, there’s nothing that comes close to the experience of life.” – Michael A. Singer

49. “You naturally begin to center more and more on the spiritual part of your being. You do this not by reaching for the Spirit, but by letting go of the rest.” – Michael A. Singer

50. “Fear is the cause of every problem. It’s the root of all prejudices and the negative emotions of anger, jealousy, and possessiveness. If you had no fear, you could be perfectly happy living in this world.” – Michael A. Singer

“If you really want to see why you do things, then don’t do them and see what happens.” – Michael A. Singer

Finally, The Untethered Soul Quotes discussed the many ways that our emotions can impact our wellbeing, and how to help yourself stay happy.

it is important to remember that we are all unique and will experience this journey in a unique way. We can’t compare ourselves to others and live our lives by their standards. If you like these quotes then you can share them with friends and family.


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