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50 Most Dominant Quotes That Will Inspire You

In order to be a successful person, you have to have a dominant personality. In the world of business, there are those that thrive and those that falter. In order to find success, it is important to bounce back from the inevitable setbacks and failures.

50 most dominant quotes below will show you how others have been able to dominate their lives, failure and power through any obstacle.

Also, dominant quotes offer insight into how some of the most successful people in history have managed to stay afloat, even during difficult times.

Listed in alphabetical order these quotes are sure to inspire you as they will others who need the boost.

50 Most Dominant Quotes

1. The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others.—Don Shula

2. My dominant feeling every day is one of great ignorance.—Pankaj Mishra

3. Your inner-most dominant thoughts become your outer-most tangible reality.—John Frederick Demartini

4. Dominant negativity cheats reality of its mutual positives. —Bryant McGill

The superior man is intelligent, not blindly, faithful.—Confucius

5. The superior man is intelligent, not blindly, faithful.—Confucius

6. The superior man loves his soul; the inferior man loves his property.—Confucius

7. A dominant religion is never ascetic.—Thomas B. Macaulay

8. The dominant feeling of the battlefield is loneliness.—William Slim

9. Use what is dominant in a culture to change it quickly.—Jenny Holzer

What are the most dominant quotes?

In today’s society, it seems as if there is a new quote every day. Quotes are used for all sorts of different reasons, but most often they are used to inspire others or to comment on the state of the world.

However, not all quotes are created equal. Some are repeated more often than others. For this reason, it is important to know which quotes are the most dominant in society today.

The dominant party cannot reign forever, and truth and justice will prevail at last.—Robert E. Lee

10. The dominant party cannot reign forever, and truth and justice will prevail at last.—Robert E. Lee

11. The dominant mood of contemporary American culture is the self-celebration of the peasantry.—William A. Henry III

12. The dominant expression of a child is gravity.—Bret Harte

13. The dominant characteristic of an authentic spiritual life is the gratitude that flows from trust—Brennan Manning

14. Any dominant ideology operates off the assumption that what it has to say is unaccountable and unquestionable.—Henry Giroux

15. The extreme nature of dominant-end views is often concealed by the vagueness and ambiguity of the end proposed.—John Rawls

16. If you will let your dominant intention be to revise and improve the content of the story you tell every day of your life, it is our absolute promise to you that your life will become that ever-improving story.—Esther Hicks

17. When we each focus on being the dominant force in our own universe rather than invading other universes, we all win.—Emily V. Gordon

18. Our dominant values that emphasize competition and scarcity limit continued progress.—Jacque Fresco

19. To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform. —Theodore H. White

20. Fear is a far more dominant force in human behaviour than euphoria – I would never have expected that or given it a moment’s thought before, but it shows up in the data in so many ways. Alan —Greenspan

21. Vulnerability is the strongest state to be in. How boring would it be if we were constantly dominant or constantly submissive? —FKA twigs

22. A strong man doesn’t have to be dominant toward a woman. He doesn’t match his strength against a woman weak with love for him. He matches it against the world. —Marilyn Monroe

23. It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be. —Isaac Asimov

24. Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts. —Soren Kierkegaard

25. You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as you dominant aspiration. —James Allen

26. Our society constantly promotes role models for masculinity, from superheroes to politicians, where the concept of being a ‘man’ is based in their ability to be tough, dominant – and even violent when required.—Deeyah Khan

27. The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts. —Earl Nightingale

28. If you’re doing something outside of dominant culture, there’s not an easy place for you. You will have to do it yourself. —Ava DuVernay

29. My father used to say superior people never make long visits.—Marianne Moore

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30. The superior man limits his achievements.—Confucius

31. Superior strength is a sword that manifests one’s will.—Hiroyuki Takei

32. The superior artist is the one who knows how to be influenced.—Clement Greenberg

33. You are not superior just because you see the world in an odious light.—Vicomte de Chateaubriand

34. Feeling superior doesn’t make one superior. Hubris does not humble others.—Guy R. McPherson

35. The way of the superior person is threefold; virtuous, they are free from anxieties; wise they are free from perplexities; and bold they are free from fear.—Confucius

36. The most dominant cultural attributes maintained are the ones that are reinforced by your environment.—Peter Joseph

37. The dominant culture in most big companies demands punishment for a mistake, no matter how useful, small, invisible…—Tom Peters

38. When the dominant images of a culture are anticipatory, they “lead” social development and provide direction for social change.—Fred Polak

39. There are three dominant tendencies in a neoliberal society: financialized, privatized, militarized. And when it comes to black poor people, we get all three.—Cornel West

40. The superior man is never in anyone’s way.—Napoleon Bonaparte

41. Superior music is purity itself; it clears the air.—Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward

Why are these quotes so important?

There are many quotes that are now remembered as influential, but why are they so important? What makes them worthy of our attention? The quote is a symbol for the person who said it, and the words represent their beliefs.

It’s important to know what people have to say because everyone’s opinion can spark new ideas. Quotes carry meaning for not only the writer but also the reader.

The superior man is firm in the right way and not merely firm.—Confucius

42. The superior man is firm in the right way and not merely firm.—Confucius

43. A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.—Confucius

44. The superior man thinks always of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort.—Confucius

45. The most Superior amongst the colors in the universe is the color of Devotion.—Pandurang Shastri Athavale

46. The superior man is slow in his words and earnest in his conduct.—Confucius

47. “I don’t know what I may seem to the world, but as long as I can be true to myself, I’m happy.” ― Bob Marley

How does it feel to be dominated?

What does it feel like to be dominated by someone else? We may never know for sure what goes on in the mind of someone who enjoys being dominated, but based on their perspectives, there are some preconceived notions.

It is often seen as a power play between two people, usually between people with an established role of dominance and submission; “The one who takes the dominant position is called the ‘dominant,’ while the other person is called the ‘submissive.

48. “In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning an individual or a nation are all the same.” ― Nelson Mandela

49. It’s not possible for two countries to be the leading dominant political power at the same time. —Fareed Zakaria

A superior who works on his own development sets an almost irresistible example.—Peter Drucker

50. A superior who works on his own development sets an almost irresistible example.—Peter Drucker

Final Thought

The conclusion of this article is to think about how we speak and what we say. We should take the responsibility of saying something with good intention and not dominate quotes or use them in a negative way.

We hope you found these quotes to be inspiring. Thanks for reading!

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