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Top 10 Keith Moon Quotes

Top 10 Keith Moon Quotes:

I love to see people laugh and I love it more if I can make them laugh.—Keith Moon

I love to see people laugh and I love it more if I can make them laugh.—Keith Moon

I told people I was a drummer before I even had a set, I was a mental drummer. —Keith Moon

To get your playing more forceful, hit the drums harder.—Keith Moon

Give me a mandolin and I’ll play you rock ‘n’ roll.—Keith Moon

They’re always saying I’m a capitalistic pig. I suppose I am. But… it’s good for my drumming.—Keith Moon

I tried several things and this was the only one I enjoyed doing.—Keith Moon

I don’t think the drums are a solo instrument. Drums are there to set the beat for the music.—Keith Moon

I’ve always enjoyed myself. Unhappy periods for me last about twenty minutes.—Keith Moon

I'm still the best Keith Moon-style drummer in the world.—Keith Moon

I’m still the best Keith Moon-style drummer in the world.—Keith Moon

At heart I cannot accept that I am a well-known rock ‘n’ roll star and one of the greatest drummers in the world.—Keith Moon

I was a rust repairer. I was a rust repairer and full-time survivor. I survived all the major earthquakes, and the Titanic, and several air crash.—Keith Moon

I can’t believe that person on the television is really me.—Keith Moon

My friends call me Keith, but you can call me John.—Keith Moon

Who is Keith Moon?

Keith Moon is an English man who is famous as a drummer all over the world. He played drums for the famous band The Who. This famous musician has a special identity in the field of music. The original name of Keith Moon is Keith John Moon. He has participated in a huge number of albums and songs.

He has a special style in his drumming. As a part of his career, he moved to the USA. There he also gained huge fame. Besides being a musician, Keith Moon is a deep thinker in life. Out of this the result of his nature is his famous quotes. His quotes are realistic and they have an instruction for all. Keith Moon quotes can be followed by every class of people.

Keith Moon Biography:

Biography reveals everything about a person. Keith Moon’s biography also says a lot of things about this drummer.

Keith Moon Early Life

Keith Moon was born on 23 August 1946. His birthplace is Wembley, Middlesex. His parents are Alfred Charles and Kathleen Winifred. From his childhood, Keith Moon was an ADHD-affected boy.

This is a psychological problem that leads the patient to huge attraction to something. For this disease, Keith Moon had a huge attraction to music. That attraction helps him to be a famous musician.

Keith Moon Education

Keith Moon started his education life at Alperton Secondary Modern School. He studied here with success. But his study was hampered when he failed the eleven-plus exam. After failing he started grammar schooling.

Keith Moon’s teachers had different types of compliments about him. Once his music teacher told him that “Keith Moon has ability in music, but he has to stop showing off”. That means, from an early age, Keith Moon has a tendency of showing off.

Keith Moon Career

The music career of Keith Moon starts with a band called the Escorts. This was his first serious workplace. Later he joined his main band The Who. For this band, he is still famous. He started working for this band in April 1964. Keith Moon also has experience of working in film. This was a great part of his career.

Why Should We Follow Keith Moon?

Keith Moon had a huge number of bad sides. Among his negative sides, his drug addiction and rude behavior with his friends and family members are some. But he also possesses some specialty which can be followed. As we know that he was a hyperactive child from the very beginning of his life.

His mental illness was a barrier in his life to concentrate on something. For that disease, he had to work hard to be a musician. He took help from different experts and also his hard work helps him to be a famous drummer. His passion, hard work, and love for music can be a matter to follow for us.

We can follow these qualities of Keith Moon. His realistic quotes also have a value to follow. If we can follow Keith Moon quotes then these will help us in our life.

Keith Moon has a bad side. For his drug addiction, he had a notoriety for being rude to people around him.  We have to avoid these bad sides of Keith Moon. And we can follow his good sides with Keith Moon quotes.

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