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Top 50 Kyle Quotes

50 Kyle Quotes:

1. What’s important is that people never give up that fight to be happy, because when you do that, that’s when things really start to go wrong. ― Kyle

Kyle Quotes

2. I feel like the biggest key to longevity is maintaining what’s special about yourself but always presenting it in a new way. That way, people can never get tired of you.― Kyle

3. Doesn’t matter if you’re sad or happy. I can be sad, you can be happy; it’s all good. That’s all I’m saying – let’s just be us.― Kyle

4. I don’t feel pressure to act like other people or rap like other people, because I just can’t.― Kyle

5. At some point, I had to ignore what people thought of me. I had to be my own biggest fan from an early age. Once I learned that, it was like a superpower. That was the armor that got me through high school.― Kyle

Who was kyle?

Kyle is a American musician. Although his name is Kyle. But at different times, he gets his different nicknames. People sometimes call him ‘’Super duper Kyle”, “KID”. “KID” stands for Kyle Is Determined. But his original name is Kyle Thomas Harvey. Introduce him as a singer but he is not confined only to singing. He is a rapper, songwriter, and an actor. Kyle got his utmost fame after publishing his song “iSpy”. This song was published on 2nd December 2016. Kyle has a lot of quotes. Kyle’s quotes are really famous in America.

6. It’s not about being happy 100 percent all the time, cause that’s just life. I make sad songs, too, that really only make the happy songs better.― Kyle

7. I felt like I related to East Coast lyricism a little more. Because I couldn’t be super gangsta.― Kyle

8. I grew up really kind of mixed up. I lived with my white grandparents and mom and got made fun of a lot because I talked like her.― Kyle

9. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love other people. ― Kyle

If you cant love yourself, you cant love other people. ― Kyle

10. Music fills peoples with life. It doesn’t have to be a ‘happy song.’ If you have that one song that relates to you, whether it’s a sad song or a gangster song, whatever relates to you the most in that moment, it can literally get you through the day.― Kyle

11. My momma will roast my friends all of the time. If you’re one of my friends, and you meet my mom for the first time, she will definitely roast you in a polite way. It’s just to test your bars.

12. Pete Rock, CL Smooth, all this East Coast stuff – that’s kind of, like, the rappers I first admired. I wanna rap just like them because I just thought they were so hard. I thought their delivery was so crazy.

13. I really like blending two things together that are polar opposites. Because I feel like, in a large aspect, that’s kinda like what I am.

14. I’ve been a nerd my whole life.― Kyle

15. I’m a drama kid at heart. That is definitely where my heart and soul is. I did ‘Hairspray’ in high school – I was Seaweed.― Kyle

16. Yachty is a genius.― Kyle

17. When you’re the cool guy, you don’t know how to take people not liking you. I’ve already been there, done that― Kyle

18. I’ll always have my fan base. I know my actual fans are rockin’ with me even when my haircut was messed up. They’re never gonna leave.― Kyle

19. For me, I feel like the most important part of music is the storytelling behind it, and that’s my favorite; that’s what makes my favorite artists my favorite artists, having the story that I relate to the most and that helps me the most.― Kyle

20. I always tried to pride myself on my versatility – I can’t just be the ‘iSpy’ guy.― Kyle

I always tried to pride myself on my versatility I cant just be the iSpy guy.― Kyle

21. My relationship with my father is fine. Every relationship has its ups and downs because bad things happen in all relationships. But for me, I can only write about what I’m feeling in the moment and something that actually happened to me.― Kyle

22. My relationship with my father is fine. Every relationship has its ups and downs because bad things happen in all relationships. But for me, I can only write about what I’m feeling in the moment and something that actually happened to me.― Kyle

23. Mike Tyson and Kool G Rap had lisps – lisps always been cool!― Kyle

24. I feel like what’s important is to interact with your fans online. Touring is really important to stay connected with your fans.― Kyle

25. I’ve always wanted to make people feel better or feel alright or feel comfortable or not threatened and feel OK in their own skin.― Kyle

26. I want to make a lot of people smile.― Kyle

27. Everybody on my street was broke, running around with no shoes on. We didn’t have money, but we played tag, we talked. It was great.― Kyle

28. As I grew up and really – 22, 23, 24 – I was faced with new problems that were bigger. A lot of them were issues that pertained to people that were super close to me.― Kyle

29. Big Sean could get on a verse with anybody and probably annihilate them.― Kyle

30. Most people have perceived my brand and my personality as this guy that just is so happy, he has no cares in the world.― Kyle

Most people have perceived my brand and my personality as this guy that just is so happy, he has no cares in the world.― Kyle

31. I am a pretty bad driver, so when I drive, I need to be calm. I can’t be vibing to DMX, all hype, in the car.― Kyle

32. ‘Beautiful Loser’ had a lot of great records. It had a lot of really heartfelt songs on there. But I felt, at the time, it didn’t have it’s own cohesive sound.― Kyle

33. The Kyle who made ‘Smyle’ honestly has a little more conflict in his life. He has a little more weight on his shoulders. He feels like he has to make an album about something. It’s a Kyle with duty, with a plan, with a responsibility.― Kyle

34. I try to make things as versatile as possible. Usually, you have to listen to one artist for a certain vibe and another artist to catch the next vibe. I want to make an album that has all of that in there.― Kyle

35. If I was a spy, I would have a watch that would cloak me in invisibility.― Kyle

36. I ran track, and I was really good at it. I was really fast.― Kyle

37. I just want to be an artist that makes exactly what he feels.― Kyle

38. I like being funny; I like laughing with people.― Kyle

39. I just like blending all the genres together but blending them up in a good way. I try to be as free as I can with it.― Kyle

40. I think love is, by far, the strongest force in the entire universe. Love is so strong, it’ll make you do something that, in any other circumstance, you would never do.― Kyle

41. When I heard my first rap song and figured out what that was, I kind’ve stuck to it. I always wanted to be a musician in general, an entertainer. I just started rapping. I never decided, ‘Oh, I want to be a rapper.’― Kyle

42. All I can do with my music is try and be a light for people who are in a dark time.― Kyle

43. Nobody can deliver a line better than Jadakiss. That’s where I learned my technique. He can deliver punchlines so perfectly wrapped up for you to enjoy. If I had a different favorite rapper, I wouldn’t be able to make some of the music I do.― Kyle

44. I played baseball. I kind of sucked at that. They used to call me ‘The Buntmaster’ because my coach never wanted me to swing.― Kyle

45. People called me sharktooth, Dracula. I got made fun of so much cause I couldn’t afford braces.― Kyle

46. Big Sean is one of the dopest rappers, of my lifetime for sure. Like, Big Sean is one of the best rappers. Period.― Kyle

47. When you roast yourself, it makes everybody else comfortable.― Kyle

48. My style has been compared to someone probably like the Fresh Prince.― Kyle

49. I knew that ‘Nothing to Lose’ wasn’t gonna probably go off the same way numbers-wise like ‘iSpy,’ but ‘Nothing to Lose’ was more like a statement record for me.― Kyle

50. I’m afraid of the dark.― Kyle

There is nobody taller and cooler than Will Smith. He is the coolest tall person so I am trying to be like that.― Kyle

There’s nobody taller and cooler than Will Smith. He’s the coolest tall person, so I’m trying to be like that.― Kyle

You never know how many people are compassionate about something, especially when it’s not happening to you. You just hope somebody’s out there helping.― Kyle

I’ve been compared to Drake before and Kid Cudi.― Kyle

I don’t think anyone has the same music sound as me. I can’t think of anyone else.― Kyle

Growing up in California has completely made me the person that I am― Kyle

It’s important to reassure people that everything is going to be all right.― Kyle

Biography of  Kyle:

Early Life.

Kyle’s childhood was not so special. He was like all other ordinary American children except his speech disorder and father’s absence. He was born in Reseda, near Los Angeles. In the early age he lived in a house where there were 8 members with two siblings of his. Though his birth was near love Los Angeles but he grew up just beside California. From the early stage of his life was a Song Lover person. He composed his songs and performed them in the school.



Education life of Kyle is not much known to the people. That’s why it is hard to explain much about his education. You know that Kyle attended his elementary school at the age of 6 and then his writing and performing his songs started. In the secondary level, he started at Ventura High School. he was a regular student of this school. He attended the drama class from this school. His interest in acting grows from here.



Kyle is most famous for his rap songs. Kyle started his journey by publishing his mixtape ‘Senior Year’. This was published in 2010. After this lot of famous works by this musician published some are ‘FxL’, ‘Second Semester’ and ‘Super Duper’. Among his famous works ‘iSpy’ is the most loved song. He wrote this song. This song gave him the most popularity in America. After that Kyle became in the list of hundred most famous musicians in America. In his career Kyle also associated many world famous brands like Maxx, Jesus, Brick etc.


Why should we follow him?

Kyle himself is a multi-talented person. You already get a clear idea about Kyle’s talents. we can learn these talents from him. Though following a famous person does not mean that you will be famous too. But It is sure that you will get something special from him. You also can follow Kyle for his dedication. Kyle is really a dedicated person. Without dedication one cannot achieve such perfection in his own profession. If you go through his biography, we will find him as a speech disorder person. But can imagine a speech disorder person can be a famous singer? You need not to imagine that, because this type of person is Kyle himself. For his speech disorder he was bullied in his early age. We can follow him to avoid the negative comments on the way to achieve success.



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