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Top 40 Magnetic Quotes That Will Give You Inspiration

Magnetic quotes are powerful words that can capture the imagination and evoke deep emotion. These quotes can be used for a variety of uses, from personal motivation to inspiring others. Magnetic quotes have the potential to become part of everyday conversations or conversations between friends or colleagues. They can also be used as a form of creative self-expression. With magnetic quotes, one can express their feelings and thoughts in a concise way that resonates with others.

Top 40 Magnetic Quotes

1. Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. — Karl A. Menninger

2. Metallica is like the phoenix rising from the ashes. We set everything on fire, and this is what has risen from it – ‘St. Anger’ being the fire and ‘Death Magnetic’ being the phoenix. — Kirk Hammett

3. Man takes root at his feet, and at best, he is no more than a potted plant in his house or carriage till he has established communication with the soil by the loving and magnetic touch of his soles to it. — John Burroughs

4. A beautiful face with a sexy body is a dime a dozen in showbiz. When you have magnetic personality, you beat everybody else. — Heart Evangelista

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5. The idea of an e-book has been around since the late 1970s, when researchers at Xerox PARC got on the case. Their prototype used millions of little magnetic particles, black on one side and white on the other, loosely embedded in the surface of a soft sheet of rubber. — Charles Platt

6. A magnetic personality doesn’t necessarily indicate a good heart. — Laura Linney

7. Sydney is rather like an arrogant lover. When it rains it can deny you its love and you can find it hard to relate to. It’s not a place that’s built to be rainy or cold. But when the sun comes out, it bats its eyelids, it’s glamorous, beautiful, attractive, smart, and it’s very hard to get away from its magnetic pull. — Baz Luhrmann

8. I have a kind of magnetic attraction to situations of violence. — Wole Soyinka

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9. The great thing about the United States and the historically magnetic effect it has had on a lot of people like me is its generosity, to put it simply. — Christopher Hitchens

10. It is reasonable that forces directed toward bodies depend on the nature and the quantity of matter of such bodies, as happens in the case of magnetic bodies. — Isaac Newton

11. I think in the old days, the nexus of weirdness ran through Southern California, and to a degree New York City. I think it’s changed so that every bizarre story in the country now has a Florida connection. I don’t know why, except it must be some inversion of magnetic poles or something. — Carl Hiaasen

12. Saturn itself is a giant planet, and there’s much to be gained by investigating its meteorology and studying its magnetic field. — Carolyn Porco


13. What matters about people is their magnetic leadership, their aptitude for helping those following in their footsteps, and their passion – how they choose to package that is their prerogative. — Caroline Ghosn

14. I like to call it the scalar boson because this reflects an essential component of the theory – it means that the field the boson travels through has no preferred direction, unlike the way a magnetic field does. — Francois Englert

15. It was 1975. I had spent the year at the Boston Museum School doing some very bizarre performance works. The last one included going to the North Magnetic Pole and spending all of my money. —Alex Grey

16. Superconductivity helped broaden my professional phase space. When I started my work, it was already known that magnetic fields could quench superconductivity. I found that the transition was not continuous, that superconductivity was initially enhanced in the presence of magnetic fields, then it would suddenly fall off. — Mildred Dresselhaus

17. The surface of Mars is bathed in ultraviolet light, bathed in radiation. Mars’s magnetic field is essentially gone, so the surface of Mars is essentially sterilized. — John M. Grunsfeld

18. There isn’t really anybody who occupies the lens to the extent that Lindsay Lohan does. Something happens when she steps in front of the camera. There is this magnetic energy. — Richard Phillips

19. I just don’t have this magnetic personality that everyone is drawn to. I don’t make friends easily… I’m just not one of those people. — Nathan Fielder

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20. I don’t think opposites attract. I think like attracts like. So I don’t think that they do attract, opposites. Only when you’re talking about magnetic poles. — Ashton Kutcher

21. When people go to a track meet, they’re looking for something, a world record, something that hasn’t been done before. You get all this magnetic energy, people focusing on one thing at the same time. I really get excited about it. It makes me want to compete even more. It makes it all worthwhile, all the hours of hard work. — Steve Prefontaine

22. If you leave out the magnetic stardom of sportsmen and actors, middle-class India today really has just two heroes – the army and the judiciary. — Barkha Dutt

23. I have a very limited knowledge of recording, but the miracle of being able to capture sounds on magnetic tape and the miracle of electricity, and these little magnetic particles, is amazing to me. — Jeff Mangum

24. It was not simply out of a spirit of contradiction that I exposed a light source to magnetic forces. The idea came to me during an investigation of the effect discovered by Kerr on light reflected by magnetic mirrors. — Pieter Zeeman

25. In the absence of a magnetic field the period of all these oscillations is the same. But as soon as the electron is exposed to the effect of a magnetic field, its motion changes. — Pieter Zeeman

26. Conscience is our magnetic compass; reason our chart. — Joseph Cook

27. I visited a scientist who had a helmet with magnetic fields controlled by computer sequences that could profoundly affect your mood and your perceptions. — Douglas Trumbull

28. Cats do this thing with their faces where they’re so still, but they have this almost magnetic connection to anything they’re observing. — Emma Corrin

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29. I have this friend who has a theory that lots of towns have energies. And, for instance, certain places in Alabama have bad ones because they were built on reservations or built on cemeteries or something. But Nashville has a really gravitational, magnetic pull. — Caitlin Rose

30. The ideas and practices of Franz Anton Mesmer, an 18th-century Australian healer, had spread to the United States and, by the 1840s, held the country in thrall. Mesmer proposed that everything in the universe, including the human body, was governed by a ‘magnetic fluid’ that could become imbalanced, causing illness. — Karen Abbott

31. Amaal and I have some sort of magnetic connection. I am my brother’s first assistant. So I have sung the scratch versions of all his songs. We make music at home, jam every day. — Armaan Malik

32. I think I spent my entire childhood on film sets, surrounded by film-makers and actors and people with magnetic energies who make movies. — Dakota Johnson

33. I remember the difficulty we had in the beginning replacing magnetic cores in memories and eventually we had both cost and performance advantages. But it wasn’t at all clear in the beginning. — Gordon Moore

34. It’s – as opposed to tape where you have a magnetic tape that’s excited by frequencies that you hit, digital was a process where musical sounds are transferred to numbers and stored as numbers. — Herb Alpert

35. According to well-known electrodynamic laws, an electron moving in a magnetic field is acted upon by a force which runs perpendicular to the direction of motion of the electron and to the direction of the magnetic field, and whose magnitude is easily determined. — Pieter Zeeman

36. Words can have no single fixed meaning. Like wayward electrons, they can spin away from their initial orbit and enter a wider magnetic field. No one owns them or has a proprietary right to dictate how they will be used. — David Lehman

37. I totally related to Cole Porter’s magnetic pull to any piano that was in the room, which he was famous for doing, as was Gershwin. You couldn’t drag them away from a piano. — Kevin Kline

38. You know, I endeavor to be more like my older brother. He’s very magnetic. He’s actually very much like ‘Castle’ in that people are attracted to him, and just want to be near him. You want to know where my brother is in a crowded room? He’s the guy with the crowd around him. — Nathan Fillion

39. The application of a strong magnetic field enables the measurement of the energy of the most penetrating particles to be carried out, and the method may be capable of still further extension and improvement. — Victor Francis Hess

40. My grandmother, Angela, was the Fox family matriarch. She was magnetic but also wicked. She had this huge life force and was great fun, but she would play each member of the family off against each other, which could make for extremely dramatic Christmases. — Emilia Fox

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