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Top 50 Quotes About Legends

Legends are people who have achieved greatness, either through personal accomplishments or by inspiring others. Legends are often remembered for their courage, dedication and hard work. They inspire us to strive for our own greatness and provide us with encouragement on our journeys. Quotes about legends can be both inspiring and educational, providing a glimpse into the minds of those who have accomplished great things. Here is a selection of quotes about legendary figures from all walks of life to motivate you on your own journey towards greatness.

Top 50 Quotes About Legends

1. “If you are a vampire, then a vampire is not the creature of the legends.” — Christine Feehan

2. “Well, actually, I don’t consider myself a jazz legend or anything.” — Joseph Jarman

3. “Nobody knows anything about Shakespeare the person. It’s all legend, it is all rumor.” — Jeanette Winterson

4. “The lives of great men are like legends-difficult but beautiful.” — Janusz Korczak

5. “I am not going to be a star. I am going to be a legend.” — Freddie Mercury

6. “A picture lives by its legend – not by anything else.” — Pablo Picasso

7. “There are always the simple events of your life that you might try to convert into legend.” — Stephen Dunn

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8. “Sometimes a legend that endures for centuries… endures for a reason.” — Dan Brown

9. “Legends have always played a powerful role in the making of history. … Without ever relating facts reliably, yet always expressing their true significance, they offered a truth beyond realities, a remembrance beyond memories.” — Hannah Arendt

10. “Sometimes Christian apologists say there are only three options to who Jesus was: a liar, a lunatic or the Lord. But there could be a fourth option – legend.” — Bart D. Ehrman

11. “Legends don’t have to make sense. They just have to be beautiful. Or at least interesting.” — Terry Pratchett

12. “And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge.” — J. R. R. Tolkien

13. “A legend can just as well be founded in the future as in the past.” “It’s called a ‘prophecy,’” Urruah said. “You may have heard of the concept.” — Diane Duane

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14. “At the end of the day, I wanna be a great…a legend. I’ve been working hard.” — Gorilla Zoe

15. “By the River Piedra I sat down and wept. There is a legend that everything that falls into the waters of this river — leaves, insects, the feathers of birds — is transformed into the rocks that make the riverbed. If only I could tear out my heart and hurl it into the current, then my pain and longing would be over, and I could finally forget.” — Paulo Coelho

16. “The heart of Christianity is a myth which is also a fact. The old myth of the Dying God, without ceasing to be a myth, comes down from the heaven of legend and imagination to the earth of history.” — C. S. Lewis

17. “You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend, or not.” — Isabel Allende

18. “It is quite easy to see why a legend is treated, and ought to be treated, more respectfully than a book of history. The legend is generally made by the majority of people in the village, who are sane. The book is generally written by the one man in the village who is mad.” — Gilbert K. Chesterton

19. “Good men don’t become legends,” he said quietly. “Good men don’t need to become legends.” She opened her eyes, looking up at him. “They just do what’s right anyway.” — Brandon Sanderson

20. “The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.” — Robert Jordan

21. “It goes to show you how we in the press so often miss the big stories that are right under our noses. There is a famous journalistic legend about the time a young reporter covered the Johnstown flood of 1889. The kid wrote: God sat on a hillside overlooking Johnstown today and looked at the destruction He had wrought. His editor cabled back: Forget flood. Interview God.” ~ Roger Ebert

22. “Every craggy and gnarled tree has its own strange and graceful legend attached to it.” — Douglas Hyde

23. “The best training is to play by ear: trial by fire.” — John Legend

24. “Every legend, moreover, contains its residuum of truth, and the root function of language is to control the universe by describing it.” — James A. Baldwin

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25. “You will not find the treasure of your Personal Legend unless you want to live that Legend.” — Paulo Coelho

26. “Asleep in lap of legends old.” — John Keats

27. “Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation.” — Hans Arp

28. “Now, I think that I should have known that he was magic all along. I did know it – but I should have guessed that it would be too much to ask to grow old with and see our children grow up together. So now, he is a legend when he would have preferred to be a man.” ~ Jackie

29. “All though I didn’t meet him. His legend and his saga and his story is just that. Jackie Robinson, we all have to tip our hat to him. Because he made the game available to guys like me.” ~ Dave Winfield

30. “Here the Frenchman, Spaniard, and Englishman all passed, leaving each his legend; and a brilliant and more or less feudal civilization with its aristocracy and slaves has departed with the economic system upon which it rested.” ~ Hervey Allen

31. “It is curious to reflect, for example, upon the remarkable legend of the Philosopher’s Stone, one of the oldest and most universal beliefs, the origin of which, however far back we penetrate into the records of the past, we do not probably trace its real source.” ~ Frederick Soddy

32. “Even at the United Nations, where legend has it that the building was designed so that there could be no corner offices, the expanse of glass in individual offices is said to be a dead giveaway as to rank. Five windows are excellent, one window not so great.” ~ Enid Nemy

33. “Jackie Robinson is a true legend.” — Sidney Poitier

34. “But then I always wanted to play for Rangers. Man United is a great club and Alex Ferguson is a legend.” — Paul Gascoigne

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35. “We should burn all libraries and allow to remain only that which everyone knows by heart. A beautiful age of the legend would then begin.” — Hugo Ball

36. “How do you grow up in the shadow of a guy – I want to talk about the movie in a second – but how do you grow up in the shadow of a guy who really is a legend in his own time?” — Tavis Smiley

37. “The idea of the chickens with the multiple breasts and thighs came from an urban legend that some fast-food places had developed chickens with four thighs. It wasn’t true, but it is a suggestive rumor.” — Margaret Atwood

38. “You’re a legend in your own mind.” — Harry Callahan

39. “We are not content to pass away entirely from the scenes of our delight; we would leave, if but in gratitude, a pillar and a legend.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

40. “Dave Mackay was the kind of footballer that legends are built around. He was simply the greatest – tough as teak on the pitch and a real gentleman off it.” — Alex Salmond

41. “The key to the Grail is compassion, ‘suffering with,’ feeling another’s sorrow as if it were your own. The one who finds the dynamo of compassion is the one who’s found the Grail.” ~ Joseph Campbell

42. “Librarians are not just gatekeepers to knowledge, they are what the American Indians used to call their special sages who preserved the oral legends of a tribe: dream keepers.” — James H. Billington

43. “Vic Armstrong is, of course, a legend” ~ Martin Scorsese

44. “If you trust yourself, any choice you make will be correct. If you do not trust yourself, anything you do will be wrong. – Kung Fu, The Legend Continues -” — David Carradine

45. “I’m also getting an Ovation Legend, because I like them so much.” — Mark Knopfler

46. “I, personally, liked the legend.” — Marlene Dietrich

47. “There are fun nights, there are crazy nights, and then there are those nights that make men legends.” — Tucker Max

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48. “The only job you have in life is to recognize and honor your personal legend” — Paulo Coelho

49. “The first book I could call mine, my first book, was a picture book, The Magic Monkey – it was adapted from an old Chinese legend by a thirteen-year-old prodigy named Plato Chan with the help of his sister.” — Nick Flynn

50. “Bloomberg weighed three hundred pounds. This itself was historical. I revered his weight. It was an affirmation of humanity’s reckless potential; it went beyond legend and returned through mist to the lovely folly of history. To weigh three hundred pounds. What devout vulgarity.” — Don DeLillo

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear that there are many inspirational quotes about legends all around us. Whether it be from a beloved family member, a favorite celebrity, or a great historical figure, these quotes can provide us with motivation and encouragement to achieve our goals and make an impact in the world. It is also important to remember that no matter who we are and what we do, each of us has the potential to become a legendary figure in our own way.

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