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Top 10 handsome jack quotes Borderlands 2

Top 10 Handsome Jack quotes:


handsome jack quotes

“It’s Cute That You All Think You’re The Heroes Of This Little Adventure, But, You’re NOT.”

9.”I Just Bought A Pony Made Of Diamonds Because I’m Rich.”


borderlands handsome jack

“These Pretzels Suck!”

7.”Petty Vandalism? Are You Serious? That’s How Far You’ve Fallen? It’s Just Sad.”

6.”Vault Hunter Looks For The New Vault. Vault Hunter Gets Killed. By ME. Seeing The Problem Here?”

5.”This Guy Rushes Me with A Spoon… A Freakin’ Spoon!”


borderlands handsome jack

“It’s Me, Roland. Let’s Kill Handsome Jack And Then We’ll All Go Out For Milkshakes.”

3.”Never Meet Your Heroes, Kid, They’re All Dicks. Every Last One.”

2.”Jimmy, Please Make A Note: I’m Strangling Mister Moorin For Bringing Up My Wife.”


“I Could Have Saved This Planet! I Could Have Actually Restored Order!”

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History of  Handsome Jack:

Handsome Jack is a character in the Borderlands video game franchise of gearbox software. He is president of the Hyperion Corporation, which controls the planet Pandora; And Borderlands 2’s main opponents.

Jack believes in his mind that he is the hero of the story, the heroic savior of all, and the world revolves around him. and Top 10 handsome jack quotes are given below.

Before Jack turned into a simple villain to make Borderlands clearer, colleague Walt Hunter envisioned him as “Free money” con the initial concerns made him balance both the importance of the game and the humor. The character is voiced by Damen Clark.

After his introduction in Borderlands 2 in 2012, Jack reappears in Borderlands: Pre-Sequel! Tales of Telltale Games from Borderlands. Pre-sequel! There is a twist around Jack’s rise to power, while in the tales Jack is shown as a hologram who injures one of the main characters in the game. At Borderlands 3, Jack appears in a voice cameo.

Handsome Jack has received critical acclaim. Clark won the Best Performance by a Human Male award at the 2012 Spike Video Games for his role.

One of the earliest ideas for Jack’s design was that he would look like the hero of a different game.

The choice to make Jack a “self-styled hero” came in an attempt to downplay the anti-heroic nature of Vault Hunter, although the developers still wanted to make Hunter a “good guy” by comparison.

borderlands 2’s resident sociopathic villain, Handsome Jack, just might be one of the most amusing, enduring characters in neoteric gaming.

This statement, which took place near the end of Borderlands 2, is powerful and funny because it is exactly the kind of villain that Jack wanted. Despite this massacre, he caused; Despite being duly defeated on countless occasions and in the vicinity of his death, he still declared that he was the real savior of Pandora.

It shows how sincerely he believed that he would save the world by freeing the Warrior and wiping out the bandits. Jack’s perfect stubbornness and arrogance overwhelm his character. all the way up to his death.









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