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Daily Self Care Checklist Don’t Forget it

I have come a long way, swam rivers and seas, trampled forests, and crawled. How long have I walked so far, to tell you something? Hey, listen! Yes, I’m telling you. A lot has happened, let’s stop now. Take care of yourself. we should follow the daily self care checklist.

daily self care checklist is given below:

Take care of yourself. Look back at yourself. Do not stand in front of the mirror! See your own face, what has happened to you, day by day! I have not been able to notice myself for so many days in the busyness of chasing the buffaloes of the forest by eating at home, I know. Now give yourself some time.

Get used to clean body, neat clothes, clean life. The house or its surroundings need to be kept clean. Do your own thing now. Stay at home a bit busy too. There is no shame in any good deed. Work is also the food of the body. If not at work, the disease nests in the body. Insects breed in closed ponds, algae grow, spiders lay eggs by weaving nets.

Build the body with great care. No, it will work even if you don’t have a mountain-like body, but you want a lean, beaten, healthy body like the British gab tree. Go to bed at night, in comfort. Adequate sleep is needed. Avoid noise during the day. In the morning feel the gentle breeze under the sky. On dewy grass, you have to walk alone for a while. There are no birds in the house. The paradox has already broken. Now, look at the sun in the east. He woke up for you. Lots of candles in his hand. How do you feel, tell me?

I want regular nutritious and balanced food for wellness. Fish, not much meat, vegetables are good. Ginger, garlic, black cumin, cloves and cinnamon. Exercise at least thirty minutes a day. I want a body as clean as black cumin, as fluffy as a pigeon, and as fresh as the tip of a pomegranate.

Give a little time to the family, keep the company. Your identity in the family. There needs to be transparency in income and expenditure. Clean income, spending in an honest way. Costs for others; A few savings.

Make time for yourself. Sit in the corner of the room meditating. See if there is something called mind inside the body, yours! Of course, there may not be. If seen, attend to her a little. The mind is like a tree, it dies slowly without regular care. In what condition is he, full of nicotine, dusty, full of weeds? Is he a dark dilapidated cottage? Then cut with scissors, prune with a hoe, clean. Very lively and fresh. Intimate communication with the Creator through this tunnel of the heart. You have to know; you have to know.

Find out all your weaknesses. Feelings and imagination are needed. Take a deep breath once, over and over again. When was the last time you took a deep breath, do you remember? The air brought by the touch of green trees and grass is very useful in the heart. The width of the heart must be increased. I want a healthy mind like the sky on the horizon for you. Otherwise, a green field at least two hundred miles away or a heart as wide as a fast-flowing river next to the house is a must for you.

Build the temple of the mind with great care. Honesty, self-confidence, patience, love, courage, arrogance, and jealousy must be cultivated there.

If you are healthy, we are good, my country is healthy. Because of society and the country, this golden world is with you. We are good because you are good. Do something for yourself, not for others. Honestly, you need to do something for yourself. If you do something for yourself, it will be done for the next time. Love yourself, you have to live for the family. Be good to yourself, keep the country good. Let it be good.

Robert Albert RA
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