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Prison Mike quotes | The office quotes

Prison Mike is not the real name of any person. It is the name of a character of the American TV series “The Office” The ‘Prison Mike’ is the prison character of the actor Michael Scott. Steve Carell played the role of Michael Scott. The ‘Prison Mike’ Character of this comedy series became very popular.  We shall discuss Prison Mike quotes.

The character is built upon the experience of a prisoner. ‘Prison Mike’ is the character that shows the picture of a prisoner. The character ‘Prison Mike’ represents the imprisoned life as dreadful. The character is the representation of the life of a convict. In the series, Michael represents a fancy image of the life of a prisoner. 

Prison Mike quotes:

Prison Mike, what’s the very, very worst thing about prison?

– Dwight Schrute

Don’t encourage him, Dwight.

-Angela Martin

the office quotes-Prison Mike
The office quotes-Prison Mike

[as Prison Mike]  The worst thing about prison was the… was the Dementors. They were flying all over the place and they were scary and then they’d come down and they’d suck the soul out of your body and it hurt!


Karen Filippelli : Dementors, like in “Harry Potter”?

– Michael Scott

No, not “Harry Potter.” There are no movies in prison.

– Michael Scott

Well, there’s somebody I’d like you to meet, somebody else who has been to prison.

– Michael Scott

I’m Prison Mike. Do you know why they call me Prison Mike? – Michael Scott


Do you really expect us to believe you’re somebody else? -Angela Martin


Do you really expect me to not push you up against the wall, biatch? – Michael Scott


Close your eyes. Picture a convict. What’s he wearing? Nothing special – baseball cap on backward, baggy pants. He says something ordinary like, “Yo, that’s shizzle”. Okay, now slowly open your eyes again. Who are you picturing? A black man? Wrong. That was a white woman. Surprised? Well, shame on you.

– Michael Scott


What did you do, Prison Mike? -Jim Halpert

Prison Mike quotes
Prison Mike quotes

 I stole and I robbed and I kidnapped the President’s son and held him for ransom. – Michael Scott


That is quite the rap sheet, Prison Mike.  -Jim Halpert


And I never got caught, neither.-Prison Mike quotes
And I never got caught, neither.     -Prison Mike quotes

Well, you were in prison, but… Mm-hmm. -Jim Halpert


Prison Mike, what was the food like in prison? -Pam Beesley


Gruel sandwiches. Gruel omelettes. Nothing but gruel. Plus, you can eat your own hair.

– Michael Scott

[trying to figure out who in the office was a convict]  Martin? – Kevin

Oh, you are such a racist. – Michael Scott

Wait, why am I a racist? – Kevin

Because you think he’s black! – Michael Scott

[as Prison Mike]  In prison you are somebody’s bitch. Oh, and you. – Michael Scott

You, my friend, would be da belle of da ball. Don’t drop the soap! Don’t drop the soap! – Michael Scott

Biography of Prison Mike:

The ‘Prison Mike’ Character appears in ‘The Convict’ episode of the famous American TV series ‘The Office.’ The protagonist of this series is Michael Scott, and ‘Prison Mike’ is the name of his prison character. In ‘The Convict’ episode, we find Prison Mike with a purple band on his head. His character traits are noteworthy and a little bit weird with his different speaking styles. Though he speaks in New York English, he uses the slangs of the prisoners.

The most important thing is that he claims himself as a prisoner. He also tells the office that he is a thief and a robber. He declares the reason for his punishment is the kidnapping of the son of the President. We may find this in Prison Mike quotes like, “I stole. And I robbed. And I kidnapped…the President’s son. And held him for ransom.”

Prison Mike represents prison life as horrible and dreadful. Through humor and comedy, he represents the black reality of prison life. We may follow his tendency to represent reality humorously.

Prison Mike’s character is the prison character of the protagonist of ‘The Convict’ episode. The Prison Mike or the protagonist of the series is Michael Scott. Like the Prison Mike, Michael Scott is also a fictional character. If we attempt to go through the life story of Prison Mike, we have to consider the biography of Michael Scott.

Family Life:

The protagonist Michael Scott is the son of Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott. He was born in 1964 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. They are separated from each other. So, Michael had to spend his childhood lonely. The name of his stepfather is Jeff. He also has a brother and step sister. We do not find their name. We find his grandmother, and her name is Barbara Kevis. Luke Cooper is his nephew. The name of his wife is Holly Fax, with four children.


The difficulties and loneliness affected the education of his childhood. We can notice the difficulties of his education in ‘Dunder Mifflin Infinity.’ He could not attend the college as he lost the fee of his tuition.


He started his career as a salesman in the 1990s. He also won an award for this occupation. He became the regional manager. Later he acquired the post of Regional Co-Manager and Sales Representative. Later he established ‘Michal Scott Paper Company.’ We can also find him as ‘Telemarketer’ in Lipophedrine Diet Pill Company.

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