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Best 63 Pushing People Away Quotes

Pushing people away is a common thing, and can happen without you even realizing it. In some cases, this happens due to toxic personalities that do not have the best intentions for others. Other times, it can happen from being on guard from being hurt or taken advantage of in the past. Whatever the reason may be, these quotes about pushing people away will hopefully leave you more mindful of your actions and help you to combat this issue.

Best 63 Pushing People Away Quotes

1. “Don’t push that person further who truly value you so much, because one day, from pushing them further, they will never come back again” – Jeremy Legend

2. “Some people push others away because they don’t want to get hurt. Others push people away because they got hurt” – Anonymous

3. “The quickest path to self-destruction is to push away the people you love” – Cassia Leo

4. “The more you try to simplify things the more you complicate them. You create rules, build walls, push people away, lie to yourself, and ignore true feelings. That is not simplifying things” – Cecelia Ahern

5. “There are some people you like immediately, some whom you think you might learn to like in the fullness of time, and some that you simply want to push away from you with a sharp stick” – Douglas Adams

6. “The person you’re pushing away right now is maybe the person you will need the most someday” – Unknown

7. “Don’t push away the people who truly care about you, because one day, you will push them away, and they won’t come back” – Anurag Prakash Ray

8. “Sometimes, by holding on too tight, you end up losing what you were trying so hard to save” – Unknown

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9. “One day you’re gonna remember me, and remember how much I loved you…then you’re gonna regret letting me go” – Drake

10. “I dont hate you. I just dont need you in my life anymore “ – Unknown

11. “You made your choice and it wasn’t me, so if one day you try to come back and the choice is mine, baby it won’t be you” – Unknown

12. “I didn’t know exactly what I had until I lost it, now I toss and turn because I am without you” – Rafael Vazquez Jr

13. “If you don’t want me now, don’t miss me later” – Frank Ocean

14. “Even if you push them away, People who truly love you will always choose to stay” – Unknown

15. “I’d found out that if you pushed people away hard enough, they tended to go” – Morgan Matson

16. “When the person you want to be with pushes you away, thank them for pointing you in the right direction of the person you need” – Anonymous

17. “You may try hard every day to push me away but I’ll always be right there beside you” – Terry Mark

18. “Be mindful of what you throw away, be careful of who you push away, and think hard before you walk away” – Unknown

19. “If you start to miss me, remember I didn’t walk away you let me go” – Unknown

20. “When we try to control relationships by being manipulative or forceful in our ideals we often find we push the other person away so much that they remove their presence, sometimes in both the physical and mental nature” – Unknown

21. “Sometimes they push you away because they know you deserve better” – Unknown

22. “It seems like the ones that care for us most, we push away and the ones that don’t give one thought about us are always our main focus” – Unknown

23. “Overspending is as certain a part of the holiday season as overeating. But pushing away from both the table and the cash register at least a little bit sooner can make the post-holiday hangover hurt a little bit less” – Jeffrey Kluger

24. “There is the natural tendency that all of us are vulnerable to, to deny unpleasant realities, and to look for any excuse to push them away and resolve to think about them another day long in the future” – Al Gore

25. “Love won’t be tampered with, love won’t go away. Push it to one side and it creeps to the other” – Louise Erdrich

26. “Dark comedy is very difficult. You have to bring the audience in and push them away at the same time” – Pierce Brosnan

27. “I try to push ideas away, and the ones that will not leave me alone are the ones that ultimately end up happening” – J. J. Abrams

28. compensates by increasing the out-of-pocket costs to our veterans” – Tom Harkin

29. “Kids need to open up to their parents. And parents should realize that when kids are pushing you away, that’s the time to really step in” – Alexa Vega

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30. “I like to believe that if you pay close attention to the sentences as they unfold, they will draw you in rather than pushing you away” – Damon Galgut

31. “I hate jealous guys! Everyone can be jealous. We all have that in us. Push the demon down or it’s going to drive the other person away” – Ashley Greene

32. “It is now such a complex society in terms of media. It just comes at us from every direction. You kind of have to push it all away” – Peter Jackson

33. “The snake kills by squeezing very slowly. This is how the civilized world slowly, slowly pushes into the forest and takes away the world that used to be” – James Cameron

34. “I love my Disney fans. A lot of the kids want to grow up and push away from that image, but I don’t feel that way at all” – Chelsea Kane

35. “From a Hindu perspective, you are born as what you need to deal with, and if you just try and push it away, whatever it is, it’s got you” – Ram Dass

36. “Normally, we push away the things we’re scared of” – Jeff Bridges

37. “Don’t push away that chance if you’re one of the lucky ones who find that partner. And remember, you can always change the job. I hear it’s much harder to switch out a husband” – Mika Brzezinski

38. “Later, in the early teens, I used to ride my bike every Saturday morning to the nearest airport, ten miles away, push airplanes in and out of the hangars, and clean up the hangars” – Alan Shepard

39. “I sometimes find that playing the bad guy, or villains, or psychopaths tend to be much more psychologically rewarding. And you can really push it, you can push the limits, and get away with it” – Sean Bean

40. “A depressed person is often a person who will push others away. If you are pushed away and pushed away and pushed away, you have to have an enormous amount of inner resources to keep going back” – Miriam Toews

41. “I want to help children develop strengths that allow them to feel they don’t have to push things away mentally… If we ‘cotton-ball’ kids, it produces adults who are too scared to think for themselves and are easily manipulated” – Morris Gleitzman

42. “If you and I had a relationship, and I like to dance and you don’t, will that affect our relationship? If I push you and push you, maybe you’ll learn to dance, but more likely, that will move you away from me” – Randa Haines

43. “Longing becomes more poignant if in the distance you can’t tell whether your friend is going away or coming back. The pushing away pulls you in” – Coleman Barks

44. “Instead of focusing on some thoughts and feelings and pushing away others, just look at them as feathers flying in the wind. The wind is your awareness, your inborn openness, and clarity” – Tsoknyi Rinpoche

45. “If you ask people (as I often do) how they make decisions, ‘lucky’ people will talk about tuning in to information and instincts, while ‘unlucky’ people often mention pushing away the uncomfortable feeling they were headed for trouble” – Martha Beck

46. “Pushing me away so I give her space, awww. Dealing with a heart that I didn’t break” – Drake

47. “I push everyone I love away.” He shrugged. “I don’t mind you pushing me away if it means you love me, little sister” – Kristin Cashore

48. “He is pushing his face in all the time and telling us about his private life. Nobody’s interested. He should just go away” – Steven Morrissey

49.“There was a price to be paid for being interested in fiction and in writing, pushing my family away. Books and authors became my family” – Garrison Keillor

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50. “That’s why i started amplifying my voice at all, to capture the little sounds I make when I am pushing my body physically, drumming away” – Brian Chippendale

51. “With you and me, I don’t know what anything means. We’re pushing each other away and yet I don’t seem to be able to let you go” – Stephanie Witter

52. “When we judge, we are pushing people away; we are creating a wall, a barrier. When we forgive we are destroying barriers, we come closer to others’ – Jean Vanier

53. “You can’t always be pushing people away. Someday nobody will come back” – Jacqueline Woodson

54. “You could push people away, past their limits, even accidentally, and then it was just too late to get them back” – Laura Moriarty

55. “I’m making out with a dead girl in my dreams. I’m screwing women I have no business screwing. I’m pushing away the one person who actually gives a damn about me. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of heartache and I’m sinking fast” – Faith Sullivan

56. “Sometimes you have the trends that are not that cool. You may have certain artists portraying these trends and don’t really have that lifestyle, and then it gives off the wrong thing. And it becomes kinda corny after awhile. It’s really about keeping hip-hop original and pushing away the corniness in it” – Kendrick Lamar

57. “Letting go does not mean pushing away or negating thoughts or feelings that come to us – but instead being with the feeling. We start to feel that we are no longer victims of the stuff that happens to us. There is something we can do about it… if we just take a look at it” – Krishna Das

58. “A devotee who can call on God while living a householder’s life is a hero indeed. God thinks: ‘He is blessed indeed who prays to me in the midst of his worldly duties. He is trying to find me, overcoming a great obstacle — pushing away, as it were, a huge block of stone weighing a ton. Such a man is a real hero” – Ramakrishna

59. “Our illusions the beliefs we hold on to-are the very doorways to our freedom. We simply have to enter through them without grasping or pushing away. We must not believe them, but we must not run away from them either. We need to see each moment of apparent bondage as an invitation to freedom. Then it becomes an act of love, an act of compassion, to stop running away” – Adyashanti

60. “I don’t draw attention to myself or have security pushing people away” – Vanessa L. Williams

61. “By pushing or forcing something upon people, you tend to push people further away” – Christopher Atkins

62. “Pushing away unwanted feelings and situations equal inviting them to return back with a greater strength” – Raphael Zernoff

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63. “Bullies do whatever they can get away with and keep pushing boundaries until they meet resistance” – Benjamin Carson

In conclusion, a person should stay away from pushing people away, because they will only push more people out of their life.

Pushing people away can have negative consequences. It can lead to loneliness and a loss of social connections which is important for mental health.

A person should keep their friends close. Friends are often there for help or comfort when no else is.

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