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Top 50 Life Happens Quotes That Will Give You Inspiration

Top 50 Life Happens Quotes

1. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. — Boris Becker

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. —John Lennon

2. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. —John Lennon

3. I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear. —Oprah Winfrey

4. All things happen in their proper time. Everything in life happens in the time allocated for it. Don’t waste energy worrying about end results. Worrying only distracts you from living day to day and enjoying life!—James Van Praagh

5. I’ve learned over and over that life happens on its own terms, not mine. —Kate Walsh

6. Real life happens. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes it doesn’t work. —Chris Harrison

7. Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, be strong and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. —John Mayer

8. The most interesting things in life happen just on the other side of your comfort zone. —Michael Hyatt

9. I used to have all these plans and think “Ah, I have my whole life figured out”, but then I realized no matter how much I plan: life happens! So I find myself living day to day trying to do my best, embracing every moment as a learning opportunity and chance to get to know myself a little more. —Q’orianka Kilcher

Life happens. Adapt. Embrace change, and make the most of everything that comes your way. —Nick Jonas

10. Life happens. Adapt. Embrace change, and make the most of everything that comes your way. —Nick Jonas

11. Things end. People leave. And you know what? Life goes on. Besides, if bad things didn’t happen, how would you be able to feel the good ones? —Elizabeth Scott

12. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only…
Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. —Laozi

13. Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do. —Byron Katie

14. I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. —Bill Kaulitz

15. Life happens too fast for you ever to think about it. If you could just persuade people of this, but they insist on amassing information. —Kurt Vonnegut

16. When I’m really stressed emotionally, I say to myself that there’s only so much I can do to change things. Life happens on life’s terms. Then, I go for a run. —Kevin Griffin

17. You couldn’t relive your life, skipping the awful parts, without losing what made it worthwhile. You had to accept it as a whole–like the world, or the person you loved. —Stewart O’Nan

18. Sometimes things in life happen that allow us to understand our priorities very clearly. Ultimately you can see those as gifts. —Mariska Hargitay

19. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that…
To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.
—Oscar Wilde

20. My mother told me that everything in life happened for a purpose. She said all things were part of God’s plan, even the most disheartening setbacks, and in the end, everything worked out for the best. —Ronald Reagan

21. Definition of a victim: a person to whom life happens. —Peter McWilliams

22. The gray area, the place between black and white – that’s the place where life happens. —Justin Timberlake

A good life happens when you stop and are grateful for the ordinary moments that so many of us just steamroll over to try to find those extraordinary moments. —Brené Brown

23. A good life happens when you stop and are grateful for the ordinary moments that so many of us just steamroll over to try to find those extraordinary moments. —Brené Brown

24. As a spirit having a human experience, you can choose to not merely exist but to be fully conscious and aware of living in a limited world. When you take a conscious part in life and its multitudes of choices, you won’t let life happen to you – you will make life happen for you. —James Van Praagh

25. I don’t think that life happens by sitting back and waiting. People hold their cards so tight to their chest. Life is short. Tell people you love them. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? —Drew Barrymore

26. You know, as any parent will say, you know, life happens. —Tanya Tucker

27. Sooner or later, everyone’s story has an unfortunate event or two…The solution, of course, is to stay as far away from the world as possible and lead a safe, simple life. —Daniel Handler

28. Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something. Otherwise things just sort of stay the same. —Danny Wallace

29. Life just happens. It’s what you’re believing about life that makes you suffer. —Byron Katie

30. Life happens to all of us. It’s not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us that really decides if we’re going to be victims or if we’re going to get and have everything we’ve ever dreamed of. —Eric Thomas

31. Practice presence — embrace the place where life happens. —Eckhart Tolle

32. Instead of just letting life happen, I’m going to make it happen for me. —Denis Waitley

33. Life happens at intersections.—Jack Dorsey

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34. Life happens, and I write about it wherever I am. —Melissa Etheridge

35. Life happened. In all its banality, brutality, cruelty, unfairness. But also in its beauty, pleasures and delights. Life happened. —Thrity Umrigar

36. Life happens. Love happens. You gotta take some chances.—Marie Force

37. Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance. —Morgan Freeman

38. Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.—John Lennon

39. I never planned to acquire a lot of jewels or a lot of husbands. For me, life happened, just as it does for anyone else. —Elizabeth Taylor

40. There’s something about urban life – you walk out your door, and you’re in a steady of stream of life happening around you, and it’s very easy to get caught up in that stream and simply kind of keep on moving. —Dani Shapiro

41. I loved the illusion, the conviction, the desire – whatever you want to call it – that the words were agents rather than extensions of reality. That they made my life happen, rather than just recorded it happening. —Eavan Boland

42. Morality is character and conduct such as is required by the circle or community in which the man’s life happens to be placed. It shows how much good men require of us.—Henry Ward Beecher

43. Life happens. There is no point in being upset or down about things we can’t control or change.—Amy Winehouse

44. All of the very important events in my life happen by chance.—Natalia Makarova

45. Just about everything significant in my life happened after I passed forty. I was a housewife and mother, but yearned to be a writer. I worked at my writing whenever I could snatch a moment, and I assembled several manuscripts. I was just about forty when my first novel, East Wind, West Wind, was published. Then a few months later came The Good Earth. My career was launched at last, and it has given me the richest possible satisfaction —Pearl S. Buck

46. My prayer for the new year is that I may have the courage and the stamina to let Life happen to me, to accept its joys and successes, and to take in stride the learning that stretches us and the growing pains. Perhaps, to put it simply, my wish for the New Year is: may we love more, live more, laugh more. And so may you! —Jean Hersey

47. Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair. —Rick Warren

48. Create the space and a bigger life happens—Alysia Reiner

49. I’m sure there’s some self-help cheese-ball book about the gray area, but I’ve been having this conversation with my friends who are all about the same age and I’m saying, ‘Y’know, life doesn’t happen in black and white.’ The gray area is where you become an adult the medium temperature, the gray area, the place between black and white. That’s the place where life happens. —Justin Timberlake

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50. So learn about life. Cut yourself a big slice with the silver server, a big slice of pie. Open your eyes. Let life happen. —Sylvia Plath

I’d like to think, eight years ago, I was pretty humble and modest. But I think, with each year, you get more modest, more humble, more appreciative. The off the field tragedies put things in better perspective, but life happens to everybody, and I think we all just try to do the best we can. —Brett Favre

Honestly, I feel like everything in life happens for a reason, and my son has been the greatest gift that God has given me in my life and been the most game-changing thing that’s happened to my life, in a necessary way. —Ciara

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