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Top 50 Pipeline Quotes

Top 50 Pipeline Quotes

1. The business of peace requires more than showing up with paint brushes, foodstuffs and an oil pipeline or two. —Tony Snow

2. I’d like to work with the missus, but there’s nothing in the pipeline at the moment. —Guy Ritchie

3. Look at the product pipeline, look at the fantastic financial results we’ve had for the last five years. You only get that kind of performance on the innovation side, on the financial side, if you’re really listening and reacting to the best ideas of the people we have. —Steve Ballmer

4. I’d like to work with the missus, but there’s nothing in the pipeline at the moment.—Guy Ritchie

5. Well, I have a couple of projects in the pipeline, but I’m taking things slow for now and being choosy about the roles I take up. One thing I can assure you of is that you are going to see a lot of me! —Natasha Henstridge

6. I come back to the same thing: We’ve got the greatest pipeline in the company’s history in the next 12 months, and we’ve had the most amazing financial results possible over the last five years, and we’re predicting being back at double-digit revenue growth in fiscal year ’06.—Steve Ballmer

7. You think OWS is radical? You think 350.org was radical for helping organize mass civil disobedience in D.C. in August against the Keystone Pipeline? We’re not radical. Radicals work for oil companies. The CEO of Exxon gets up every morning and goes to work changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere. No one has ever done anything as radical as that, not in all of human history.—Bill McKibben

8. Well I’ve got lots more great TV projects in the pipeline.—Lisa S.

9. I get offered a lot of science fiction work and there is a new project in the pipeline called Master Race, set in World War II, but thats a little way off yet.—Jeremy Bulloch

10. And currently, there are four to five new works in the pipeline for upcoming celebrations such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Australian Federation, my 50th Birthday, and Sydney Dance Company’s 25th Anniversary.—Graeme Murphy

11. The fungi became, or is for some mysterious reason still to be discovered, a pipeline into a mind, an entelechy, which we can only image as feminine and can only associate somehow to the environment, to the ecosystem. This is the Gaian mind. This is what the goddess really is. The goddess is a network of connective intelligence that is operating on this planet.—Terence McKenna

One of the attractive things about being in Scotland is that we have a very good pipeline of new people coming into the company from the excellent universities around us.—David Milne


12. One of the attractive things about being in Scotland is that we have a very good pipeline of new people coming into the company from the excellent universities around us.—David Milne

13. The government itself is running exactly like the Sopranos and they sit back and they make deals. And they say okay, ‘I’m going do this: France, you’re getting the pipelines.’—George Clooney

14. I mean, our primary businesses in wholesale pipelines, utilities, retail, were all doing extremely well.—Kenneth Lay

15. As we’ve gotten more successful, there’s a gap between the speed of our publishing pipeline and the speed of our receiving submissions pipeline. Our pipeline of leaks has been increasing exponentially as our profile rises, and our ability to publish is increasing linearly.—Julian Assange

16. You have hundreds of artists you’re dealing with across the world and the scale of this movie [Kung Fu Panda] was insane – we had a parallel pipeline going on where you had two versions recording Mandarin voice actors, getting it to be funny for Mandarin audiences going beyond a straight translation, and then animating it and lighting it, it’s a lot of work.—Jennifer Yuh Nelson

17. Keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuosly.Always have more people to see than you have time to see them .—Brian Tracy

18. Right now, there are a limited number of customers for Canadian oil. Due to simple geography – and without the pipeline – it’s really only cost effective for Canadian oil producers to sell their oil to North American customers, mostly American Midwesterners.—Ron Wyden

19. The Keystone Pipeline decision has taken longer than it took us to defeat Hitler—Heidi Heitkamp

20. If you’re worried about caribou, take a look at the arguments that were used about the pipeline. They’d say the caribou would be extinct. You’ve got to shake them away with a stick. They’re all making love lying up against the pipeline and you got thousands of caribou up there.—George H. W. Bush

21. We have wandered into a state of prolonged neurosis because of the absence of a direct pipeline to the unconscious and we have then fallen victim to priestcraft of every conceivable sort.—Terence McKenna

The human body was designed by a civil engineer. Who else would run a toxic waste pipeline through a recreational area —Robin Williams

22. The human body was designed by a civil engineer. Who else would run a toxic waste pipeline through a recreational area ?—Robin Williams

23. There is more to the culture of cruelty than simply ethically challenged policies that benefit the rich and punish the poor, particularly children, there is also the emergence of a punishing state, a governing through crime youth complex, and the emergence of the school-to-prison pipeline as the new face of Jim Crow.—Henry Giroux

24. When Cuba lost their fossil fuel pipeline when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990. Overnight they had no choice, they had to transition to clean energy, they didn’t have any fuel to burn, and they also had to transition to a healthy food system, an organic system – their economy is crashing, this was not a planned transition. This was a crisis, but a crisis nonetheless, in which pollution went away. And it’s very instructive to see what happened to their health.—Jill Stein

25. What happened in Cuba, just to cut to the chase, their death rate from diabetes went down 50%, their death rate from heart attacks and stroke went down approximately 30% and all-cause mortality went down 18% while they adhered to the system. Then they opened up their pipeline again from Venezuela, and their health improvements went away.—Jill Stein

26. The irony of environmental opposition to the Keystone XL project is that stopping the pipeline to the U.S. will not stop production in the oil sands of Canada. Instead of coming to the United States, the oil will still be produced and shipped by rail or a pipeline similar to the Keystone XL to Canada’s Pacific Coast.—John Hoeven

27. Instead of schools being a pipeline to opportunity, schools are feeding our prisons.—Henry Giroux

28.What’s the purpose of NATO? Well actually we have an official answer. It isn’t publicized much, but a couple of years ago, the secretary-general of NATO made a formal statement explaining the purpose of NATO in the post-Cold War world is to control global energy systems, pipelines, and sea lanes. That means it’s a global system and of course he didn’t say it, it’s an intervention force under US command, as we’ve seen in case after case. So that’s NATO.—Noam Chomsky

29. I don’t like having too many projects in the pipeline. I like to focus on what’s at hand.—Jean Dujardin

30. We want the best possible relations with Russia, of course. But at the same time, we are very vigilant when it comes to the German-Russian relationship. The reasons for this bilateral pipeline through the Baltic Sea were purely political.—Lech Kaczynski

31. The controversy over Russian gas deliveries shines a glaring spotlight on the risks involved in this industry. In an energy NATO, EU and NATO member states would guarantee one another assistance in obtaining energy, in any form, but without violence. Of course, we need an additional pipeline system for this purpose.—Lech Kaczynski

32. If they had built the Energy East pipeline to transport beer, we’d be okay.—Elizabeth May

33. So someday in the near future hopefully rather than having a foot or a leg amputated we’ll just give you an injection of the cells and restore the blood flow. We’ve also created entire tubes of red blood cells from scratch in the laboratory. So there are a lot of exciting things in the pipeline.—Robert Lanza

34. To millennials, the Democratic Party is the party of endless debt, it is the party of low-wage jobs, it is the part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it is the party of the KXL pipeline, which was only stopped because, you know, because we, the voters, you know, just worked our bones – you know, worked ourselves to the bone in order to stop it.—Jill Stein

35. This problem [of historical opportunities] compounds itself by limiting the number of people in the pipeline to attain the experience to do larger movies or get jobs so they can familiarize themselves with a studio head and get the opportunity to deliver and impress – or maybe direct a smaller movie. It will take a considerable amount of time to rectify. It’s very difficult because it starts at the top.—Joe Robert Cole

36. I think people associate genre and music style with creativity, but it’s all creativity regardless of what pipeline it comes down.—Aaron Gillespie

37. The world’s politics are in turmoil, not to mention the Mideast, where the US has mounted attacks from Libya to Iraq to Syria, and ISIS is attacking governments in today’s pipeline rivalry.—Michael Hudson

38. If we don’t cut carbon’s money pipeline, we will pay for their gasoline with floods, droughts, fires, super storms, drowned cities, mass extinctions, wars, and collapsing civilizations.—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

39. Very interested in expanding the number of participants who will take part in laying the new gas pipeline in Europe.—Vladimir Putin

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40. Democrats with a good understanding of the need for strong energy policy in our country, especially in these difficult economic times, recognized the importance of the Keystone XL pipeline.—John Hoeven

41. Some argue we should get coal, oil and gas out of the ground as quickly as possible, build more pipelines and make as much money as we can selling it here and abroad. Their priorities are the economy and meeting short-term energy needs so we can live the lives to which we’ve become accustomed.—David Suzuki

42. Since the Bush-Cheney Administration took office in January 2001, controlling the major oil and natural gas fields of the world had been the primary, though undeclared, priority of US foreign policy… Not only the invasion of Iraq, but also the toppling of the Taliban in Afghanistan, had nothing to do with ‘democracy,’ and everything to do with pipeline control across Central Asia and the militarization of the Middle East.—F. William Engdahl

43. If the Health Impact Fund were to be instituted, a single company would be in charge of a medical product all the way from its conception to the health improvements realized by actual patients. The company would be paid for health impact, and it would have to arrange the entire pipeline in between – all the steps of invention, of clinical testing, of getting marketing approval in many different countries, of wholesalers and retailers and prescriptions and so on – in a holistically optimal way.—Thomas Pogge

44. Winning control of the Senate would allow Republicans to pass a whole range of measures now being held up by Reid, often at the behest of the White House. Make it a major reform agenda. The centerpiece might be tax reform, both corporate and individual. It is needed, popular and doable. Then go for the low-hanging fruit enjoying wide bipartisan support, such as the Keystone XL pipeline and natural gas exports, most especially to Eastern Europe. One could then add border security, energy deregulation and health-care reform that repeals the more onerous Obamacare mandates.—Charles Krauthammer

45. To improve global health, it’s not enough just to have a really good new product and to obtain marketing approval. You still need to market the product and bring it to patients, follow up, create the infrastructure, and so on – the whole pipeline, the network. That’s something that companies are extremely good at: organizing a whole pipeline in a cost-effective way.—Thomas Pogge

46. Not since the multiplication of the loaves and fishes near the Sea of Galilee has there been creativity as miraculous as that of the Keystone XL pipeline. It has not yet been built but already is perhaps the most constructive infrastructure project since the Interstate Highway System. It has accomplished an astonishing trifecta—George Will

47. To Wall Street, a firm like BP isn’t just a profitable energy company with lots of assets like oil rigs and pipelines and gas stations – it’s also a corporation that routinely borrows hundreds of millions of dollars to keep its business up and running.—Matt Taibbi

48. If you can predict the rate at which you create (or create and grow) qualified pipeline, and you know your average close rate(s), then you can start predicting your revenue.—Aaron Ross

To assume that a bigger pipeline is a better pipeline is a dangerous assumption.—Jason Jordan

49. To assume that a bigger pipeline is a better pipeline is a dangerous assumption.—Jason Jordan

50. Workable solutions for Earth are urgently needed. Saving seals and tigers, or fighting yet another oil pipeline through a wilderness area, while laudable, is merely shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.—Lawrence Anthony

Language is as real, as tangible, in our lives as streets, pipelines, telephone switchboards, microwaves, radioactivity, cloning laboratories, nuclear power stations.—Adrienne Rich


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