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Top 30 Rainbow Baby Quotes

What is a Rainbow Baby?

In this world, the best precious gift for the parents is their child. If the parent losses their child due to miscarriage or any complexity, then they break down. In this condition, if they get another child as a gift from God, it becomes the hope for the parents and the whole family. The children of such kind of situation are termed as the rainbow baby. We are sharing 32 meaningful Rainbow baby quotes.

The parents of the ‘rainbow baby’ go through a mixed type of emotion. The ‘rainbow babies’ are always special for their family.  They arrive at their parents’ lives as the wonder for which they were eagerly waiting. The ‘rainbow baby’ works as the medicine to the mental health of their parents.

Top 30 Rainbow Baby quotes:

Quotes about rainbow babies:-


rainbow baby quotes
rainbow baby quotes

“I believe that God sent you into my life to give me something to fight for, to show me there is love in this world, to give me hope and bring me joy, all the proof in God I need is in you, you are a gift from the heavens.”


2. “Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.”

3. “All the stars in the universe danced on the day you were born.” – Unknown

4. “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou

5. “When we lose one blessing, another is most often unexpectedly given in its place.” – C.S. Lewis

6. “His little hands stole my heart. His little feet ran away with it”

7. “After a storm, there is a rainbow of hope.”

8. “We loved you before we knew you. Even when there was just a hope for you, we loved you.”

9. “She is the gold at the end of our rainbow.”

10. ‘For this child, we prayed.”


Quotes about rainbow babies
Quotes about rainbow babies

 “Nobody had ever had a rainbow baby until they had the rain.” ~ Jim Croce

12. “Baby girl, you are my life, you are the greatest blessing I have ever received in this life.”

13. “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou

14. “No rain, no flowers.” – Unknown

15. “Look for the rainbow, not the rain.” – Unknown

16. “The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow.” – Unknown

17. “Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.” – Lord Byron

18. “We needed something to express our joy, our beauty, our power. And the rainbow did that.” – Gilbert Baker

19. “You’ll learn to lower your expectations about what you can accomplish in a day. Some days, it will be all you can do to keep baby safe, warm, and fed. And that will be enough.”

20. “I just spent 9 months on the inside. My parents are now serving life.”

21. “Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail.” – Robert Motherwell

22. “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle


“Without darkness, nothing comes to birth, as without light, nothing flowers.”-Rainbow baby
“Without darkness, nothing comes to birth, as without light, nothing flowers.”-Rainbow baby

24. “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” — ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’


25. “When a rainbow appears, it doesn’t mean the storm never happened or that we are not still dealing with its aftermath. It means something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds. Storm clouds may still hover but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy, and hope.” ~ AS TOLD BY MARISA


26. “You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain”

27. “You are the rainbow that adds colors to my gray skies.” – Avijeet Das

28. “Rainbows remind us that even after the darkest clouds, and the fiercest winds, there is still beauty.” – Katrina Mayer

29. She is the gold at the end of our rainbow.”


rainbow baby poems
rainbow baby poems

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – Yip Harburg

Description of ‘Rainbow Baby’:

The ‘rainbow babies’ are the most desirous thing for their family. They come with a lot of expectations for their parents. They are the agent of transforming the bitter experience of the family with the new pleasurable experiences.

Why the ‘Rainbow Babies’ are special?

The ‘rainbow baby’ comes with a new expectation and anticipation. The ‘rainbow babies’ are the sign of a new desire for their family. God sends happiness to the family in the form of a ‘rainbow baby. They are special children to the family.

The significance of the term ‘Rainbow Baby’:

The word ‘rainbow’ bears significance with it. It represents the new hope, desire, and happiness of the family. The baby comes with a new light of hope for its parents and family. After a bitter experience of the previous loss, the ‘rainbow baby’ comes like a miracle from God.

Different emotions of the parents of the ‘Rainbow Baby’:

The ‘rainbow baby’ comes to this earth as a glimpse of joy excitement for its parents. But at the same time, it also brings tension, anxiety, fear, and despair for the parents and the family. If a couple has the previous experience of losing a baby, they always remain in fear during the pregnancy of their next baby. Their hearts fill with the pleasure and, at the same time, shivers with the fear. With its arrival, the ‘rainbow baby’ brings both the feeling of happiness and anxiety.

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Anxieties of the parents of ‘Rainbow Baby’:

The parents of the rainbow babies go through the bitter experience during the pregnancy period with ‘rainbow baby.’ They always suffer from acute anxiety, fear of loss, grief, and psychological trauma. There are two reasons behind the anxiety of the parents. The first one is the great grief of loss for the previous lost child, trauma and depression. The second one is the fear and the tension with the new baby.

The psychological trauma of the mother of ‘Rainbow Baby’:

If a mother losses her child because of stillbirth or miscarriage, her mental condition affects a lot. She goes through psychological trauma. And psychological depression has an impact upon the health of the mother of ‘rainbow baby.’

Why are they called the ‘miracle babies’?

People also call the ‘rainbow baby’ as the ‘miracle baby.’ They come to their parents’ lives as the miracle and heal the wounds of their parents’ previous bitter experiences. The ‘rainbow baby’ fills their lives with joy and happiness with their presence.  Their presence has a powerful influence on the lives of their parents and family members.

National’ Rainbow Baby’ Day:

Though the rate of ‘child death’ decreases, there are many couples who are the parents of the rainbow baby. Nowadays, people celebrate 22 August as the National Rainbow Baby Day. We also find a lot of Rainbow Baby quotes on the internet.

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